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MAGNUS HD ZIP MAGNIFICATION SYSTEM is a space-saving and quick tool for manual inspection in superb HD quality. MAGNUS HD ZIP is a simple and user-friendly system. The simplicity and intuitive control buttons enable you to operate MAGNUS HD ZIP without any further training and you do not need any time to adjust to using it.


MAGNUS HD ZIP digital microscope

MAGNUS HD UNO magnification system from TAGARNO combines HD technology’s supremely sharp images and the microscope’s ability to magnify with the opportunity of a correct work posture in a safe, ergonomic and flexible digital magnification system

MAGNUS HD UNO digital microscope

MAGNUS HD TREND is an advanced magnification system from TAGARNO. It combines superb HD image quality with the magnification features of a microscope. Providing superb HD image quality, magnification up to 320 times and live imaging at 60 fps, MAGNUS HD TREND from TAGARNO enables you to see extremely small details very clearly.

MAGNUS HD TREND digital microscope

MAGNUS FHD ZAP is a space-saving and quick digital microscope for manual visual inspection in superb FULL HIGH DEFINITION quality. MAGNUS FHD ZAP from TAGARNO is a simple and user-friendly digital microscope. The simplicity and intuitive control buttons enable you to easily control MAGNUS FHD ZAP. The new generation of MAGNUS FHD digital camera microscopes comes with FULL HD resolution 1080p / 60fps and USB 3.0.

MAGNUS FHD ZAP digital microscope

MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE is a magnification system from TAGARNO which represents a new direction in the world of microsocopy. MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE merges features like optical and digital magnification, autofocus, HD quality image rendition, ergonomic know how and easy documentation in one integrated and easy to use digital microscopy solution. This is unique on the microscope market today. MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE is delivered with a +4 lens.

MAGNUS HD PRESTIGE digital microscope

MAGNUS FHD ZIP is a digital microscope system for manual visual inspection with magnification shown in superb FULL HD image and video quality. At the same time MAGNUS FHD ZIP is a simple and user-friendly digital microscope, which enables you to operate the digital microscope without any further training. TAGARNO FHD generation of digital microscope systems comes with FULL HD resolution 1080p/60fps and USB 3.0.

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