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a cupcake on a blue background with flowers
422163_383616751654806_442637389_n | Leah Halliday
422163_383616751654806_442637389_n | by leah halliday
an embroidered piece with flowers and butterflies on it, next to a button that says joy
Vintage piece made by Marilyn Stephens blog at
a piece of fabric with flowers on it and a green button in the center, sitting on a white surface
appliqué / by leah halliday, via Flickr
a close up of a patchwork quilt with flowers in a vase on the front
Summer Art Quilt Workshop — House Wren Studio
a blue bird is sitting on a branch with flowers and butterflies in it's hoop
Singing Bird Felt Embroidery
Singing Bird Felt Embroidery by twinfibers, via Flickr
a quilted wall hanging with pictures of farm animals and flowers on it's sides
Momma Always Said Quilt Pattern
Momma Always Said Quilt Pattern - Etsy
a colorful quilt hanging on the wall next to potted plants and a planter
Momma Always Said Quilt Pattern - Etsy
Momma Always Said Quilt Pattern - Etsy