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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Guilt Free Summer Vakay
Ask yourself a few questions that can confront any inner gremlins that block you from achieving a healthy lifestyle you want. And get you ready to enjoy your guilt free summer vacation... or anytime you need a self confidence boost 😃. For more details about healthy lifestyle coaching that supports you with fully realizing your Fit Fab Fresh self, contact me through
How can you diet on vacation?
Keeping on track with your diet while on vacation can be challenging but it is also good to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself, rain or shine.
What are top 4 vacation diet tips?
What are top 4 vacation tips? 1) Keep things prospective 2) Decide which healthy habits are necessary and will STILL allow you to enjoy yourself 💗 3) When in doubt, don't cast out the basics 4) Be kind to yourself and enjoy - YEPPIE IT'S YOUR VAKAY 🎉🥳🎊