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a woman in a white dress with gold jewelry on her neck and hands behind her back
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ArtStation - Elf Girl.
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5 Things You Experience When Humor Is Your Coping Mechanism
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Fantasy RPG Character Dump - Humans Edition
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Dive into anything
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The reflection of the day: "Being in love is not about how many times you tell someone that you love them, BUT HOW MANY TIMES YOU SHOW THEM". Have a wonderful night and a great Tuesday my friends (La reflexión del día: "Estar enamorad@ no se trata de cuántas veces le dices a alguien que l@ amas, SINO DE CUÁNTAS VECES SE LO DEMUESTRAS". Que pasen una maravillosa noche y un estupendo Martes amig@s mí@s). Trying to become a mermaid...?
a woman in a green dress with long hair and an elaborate headpiece is standing
a woman sitting on top of a bench next to a tree