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Name this Heart Rythym - EKGs Explained | www.anurseinthemaking.com
Name that EKG strip 🫀⚡️ Remember: ⬆️Hyperkalemia: High-Peaked T-waves ⬇️Hypokalemia: Low (flattened or inverted) T-waves #nursingnotes #RN #BSN #nursing #nurseinthemaking #EKG #cardiacnurse
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the heart blocks for exercise and health
A heart block of any degree is a... - Nurse In The Making
A heart block of any degree is a... - Nurse In The Making
Sinus Rhythms #BestHealthTips Ekg Rhythms, Ecg Rhythms, Cardiac Nursing, Medical Knowledge, Telemetry, Cardiovascular, Medical Studies, Medical Education, Nursing Mnemonics
My Blood Sugar Is Normal Again
Sinus Rhythms #BestHealthTips
ECG Heart Rate Hack
ECG Heart Rate Hack🫀📚 #ecginterpretation #studyingtip #tipsforstudying #medschoolstudytips #medicalschooltips #usmleprep ECG interpretation Ecg heart problems How to read EKG EKG interpretation practice
How To Interpret an EKG | www.anurseinthemaking.com
EKGs Made Ridiculously Simple 🫀
EKGs Made Ridiculously Simple 🫀 👉Truth: Let’s be honest when we all first saw different EKGs, they just looked like squiggly lines. It used to feel impossible for me to interpret an EKG. Let me show you an easier way. A Normal Sinus Rhythm EKG has: 1️⃣ Spike that looks like a SAILBOAT ⛵ = QRS complex • 2️⃣ 2 waves between each ⛵ = P wave + T wave 3️⃣ 60-100 BPM SINUS TACHYCARDIA = Spike ⛵ + 2 waves that come fast together. >100 BPM SINUS BRADYCARDIA = Spike ⛵ + 2 waves that are slowed apart. <60 BPM AFIB = Spike ⛵ + choppy or chaotic waves pattern on repeat AFLUTTER = Spike ⛵ + waves cut w/ a sawtooth 🪚 VTACH = Mountains of HUGE waves. 🌊🌊🌊 VTACH w/ pulse = cardiovert, VTACH w/o pulse = defibrillate VFIB = Pure chaos of waves w/ no spike ⛵. Have the V (VFIB) give them th
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ECG, electrolyte imbalances
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a diagram of the human heart and its major functions, labeled in red on a piece of paper
I See EKGs All The Time, Never Knew What It Meant.
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