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an apartment building with lots of cages on the top and bottom floors filled with birds
The Architecture of Kowloon Walled City: An Excerpt from 'City of Darkness Revisited'
the facade that fascinates, the Kowloon Walled City - photo from 'City of Darkness Revisited', soon to be published (via archdaily)
an aerial view of many buildings with balconies on the top and bottom floors
Michael Wolf (1954-2019) | #120, Architecture of Density (2008) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Michael Wolf, '#120, Architecture of Density,' 2006, GALLERY FIFTY ONE
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings on the top and bottom floors
unimed - favela depois
unimed - favela depois
a very tall building with lots of windows and balconies on the sides in an urban area
cityscape | ENO -official web site-
cityscape | ENO -official web site-
a very large room filled with lots of books
Tristan Zhou | 周哲成 on Instagram: “The Monster Building🏢 • • • • • • • • • • •…”
an aerial view of a city with many buildings and balconies on the sides
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an aerial view of a city with red buildings and lots of yellow poles in the middle
Technologia i naprawa nowoczesnych samochodów
In the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, a red sea of dwellings for students and disciples surrounds Larung Gar, an academy and monastery said to be the world’s largest center of Tibetan Buddhist learning.
a group of buildings that are next to each other with people standing on top of them
イスファハーンの東200km、イラン南西部ザグロス山脈にある遊牧民の部族の街「Sar Agha Seyyed」 遊牧民の部族の街「Sar Agha Seyyed」 | Sumally
an abstract painting with lots of colorful buildings and trees in the background, all painted multi - colored
Favela, rio de janeiro, collage, cidade, multicolor, fotografia, abstrato - FAVELA DO BRASIL
many buildings on the side of a hill
25 of the Most Beautiful Villages in the World - Road Affair
Beautiful village of the world
a large group of red houses sitting in the middle of a dirt field next to a hill
This was a beautiful image. Humans are capable of making such inhospitable areas habitable. However, despite the beauty of the image itself, this housing system is problematic. Do the residents of these homes enjoy a fair quality of life?
an aerial view of a large city with lots of houses and buildings in the middle
Rosanna Torrieri ♑ (@RosannaTorrieri) on X
Increíble, vista aérea de Petare, El Gran Barrio de Sur America!
an abandoned building with ivy growing all over the walls and ceiling, along with a large fan
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33 impresionantes fotografías de lugares abandonados | Curiosidades
an aerial view of a building with lots of windows
Architecture of Doom
Beetham Tower, Manchester
an escalator that has been partially submerged in water with plants growing out of it
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