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15 Sneaker Designers You Should Know - Justin Taylor Croquis, Nike Concept, Shoe Sketch, Justin Taylor, Nike Trainer, Sneakers Sketch, Sneakers Design, Nike Wedges, Shoe Sketches
15 Sneaker Designers You Should Know
15 Sneaker Designers You Should Know - Justin Taylor
an abstract painting with lines and shapes
GAMER PRO on Industrial Design sketches, prototypes revealed, blind tests. Shows the process of design that students can see. Career exposure
When it comes to controls, today’s products, digital and physical, tend to have very simple interfaces with a few minimalistic buttons. However, a simple interface does not mean simplicity o…
Settings Control
This is a small setting animation that might be used somehow. It’s not supposed to be functional in any way. It’s a simple small animation.
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an image of a wooden chair on the web page for origami design chair
30 Brilliant Examples Of UI Cards
30 Brilliant Examples Of UI Cards | Web & Graphic Design | Bashooka
an info sheet with several different types of information on the front and back side of it
50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have [Infographic]
50 Features Every Small Business Website Must Have [Infographic] - Having a strong web presence is mandatory even for small businesses just starting out. The ability to find and evaluate products and services online is crucial for all customers and its your responsibility as a business owner to ensure that they can do so easily.
a sign that says meet salty for her graduation
Mobile Design Inspiration
Task Widget by Azís Pradana—The Best iPhone Device Mockups → store.ramotion.com
an image of a website page with flowers and other items on the front, along with text that reads'the romy '
Bloomthat.com — Product Page
Here's a peak at Bloomthat.com's new product detail page. Bloomthat is an incredible flowers on-demand business that is now shipping across the nation with next day delivery — an insane feat with s...
the website design for an electronics company
Swimmo Smart Watch - App and Website
press at the circles on the left to change right image idea
the website design is designed to look like it has many different colors and shapes on it
First layout for Perfecto Stock Imagery landing page. Showing some of the stock imagery category.I wanted to design a layout which would be visually attractive to the viewer and also compliment the photography (Photographer).The idea is that the image…
the website design is clean and ready to be used for any type of product or service
12+ Best Simple WordPress Themes of 2015