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a white vase filled with pink roses on top of a wooden table covered in tulle
Bridal Shower Centerpiece/bridal Mason Jar/bridal Shower Decoration/wedding Gown Centerpiece/wedding Gown Mason Jar - Etsy
Perfect centerpiece for your bridal shower. Created with a large mason jar with a white and silver tulle skirt and sparkly heart bodice. Trimmed with ribbons and pearls. The mason jar will hold your floral arrangement WHICH IS NOT INCLUDED. Please keep in mind that these are handmade items and each
some white donuts with silver glitter on them sitting on a pink tablecloth and stars
DIY Bridal Shower Ideas with the Cricut
Next to the actual ceremony, bridal showers are the best thing abut weddings! Add the bling, the glam, the fun and all the special touches with these DIY Bridal Shower Ideas with the Cricut.