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Elevate your meals with my collection of mouthwatering and versatile side dishes. From vibrant vegetable medleys and hearty grains to flavorful dips, tasty…
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corn and tomato salad in a white bowl with a wooden spoon on the side that says easy fresh corn and tomato salad
Corn and Tomato Salad one of 8 Vegetable Salads for Summer
With just 4 ingredients and a quick vinaigrette, this fresh corn and tomato salad recipe will be your go-to summer side dish! Made with fresh corn, juicy sun gold tomatoes (or cherry tomatoes), diced red onion and fresh basil, this tossed corn and tomato salad is a terrific addition to any meal. Ready in just 15 minutes! Plus find recipes for 7 other amazing salads!
a white bowl filled with oatmeal and topped with toppings on a table
a farm tour + butternut squash risotto.
butternut squash risotto is a creamy delicious dish for celebrating the end of summer and beginning of fall! The smooth sweet squash elevates this classic dish to a new level of incredible flavors, and the clear, simple instructions will make your culinary adventure a tasty success. |
some bacon is sitting on a plate next to a glass of water and a napkin
maple-candied bacon
Maple-Candied Bacon is the perfect appetizer, breakfast treat or snack! So delicious and easy! |
the cover of a cookbook about sourdough focaccia, a beginner's guide
Beginner's Guide To Sourdough Focaccia
Learn how to make THE BEST simple, easy sourdough focaccia bread (step-by-step recipe!) with bubbly, active sourdough starter, an overnight rising option, and tips for par-baking the dough. So soft! So fluffy! Focaccia recipe adapted from my book: Artisan Sourdough Made Simple.
15h 30m
a white plate topped with potato chips covered in seasoning
crispy sunchoke chips with lemon-rosemary salt
crispy sunchoke chips with lemon-rosemary salt is a healthy side dish perfect for paring with a burger! |
some food is on a blue plate next to a bowl of sauce and a fork
Light & Fluffy Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi
This easy, homemade ricotta gnocchi recipe (step-by-step) comes together with 6 simple ingredients in under 30 minutes. My secrets? Use a cookie scoop AND coat the gnocchi in semolina flour so they don’t fall apart. Try it with my fresh homemade ricotta. So light and fluffy!
bread with cream cheese and green herbs on it sitting on a baking sheet, ready to be eaten
Sourdough Crostini With Ricotta, Artichokes & Mint
Looking for the perfect, go-to appetizer to feed a crowd? These sourdough crostini are for you! We like them with creamy ricotta, marinated artichoke heats, fresh basil and mint. But you can customize them to suit your taste. You’ll never fall short on appetizer ideas again!
fried cauliflower with dill yogurt sauce is a tasty and amazing snack! | Beer Butter, Fried Appetizers, Dill Yogurt Sauce, Curry Cauliflower, Cauliflower Roasted, Yoghurt Sauce, Dill Sauce
fried cauliflower with dill yogurt sauce
fried cauliflower with dill yogurt sauce is a tasty and amazing snack! |
there is a bunch of breads on the rack with words that read, sourdough popovers
Sourdough Popovers
Learn how to make incredible, light and airy popovers with sourdough discard. The batter comes together in 5 minutes or less! #sourdough #discard #recipe #popovers
no - knead pleasant bread on a cooling rack
Ali's No-Knead Peasant Bread - The Clever Carrot
This no-knead bread recipe can be ready in three hours. It bakes in well-buttered Pyrex bowls — no need to preheat a baking vessel for this recipe — and it emerges golden and crisp with a soft, tender crumb.
sweet and salty snack mix in a white serving dish
sweet + salty snack mix
This sweet and salty snack mix is our go to family staple! I make a batch every 1-2 weeks depending on how much we go through. We enjoy it by the handful. I separate the mix into individual bags for on the go convenience too! It's perfect for an afternoon snack, summer adventures, and road trips!
the cover of homemade easy guacamole with avocado and other ingredients
easy guacamole - The Clever Carrot
For this recipe, I like to use Haas avocados and Vidalia onions. Haas avocados have a nice buttery texture and Vidalia's are great for their sweet, mild flavor.
bread crumbs on a baking sheet with the words easy sourdough bread crumbs
Easy Sourdough Bread Crumbs
Breadcrumbs are one of the easiest things you can made homemade and keep on hand. It’s practical, a great way to use up bread food scraps that would have otherwise gone to waste, and the recipe could not be easlier. All it requires is 10 minuetes and an oven!