We love Foxes...all wee folk do! They are very wise and also a little bit magical and if you are kind to them they will be your best friend forever and they will take you with on their one knows the forest and the sleepy town streets better that a fox and they are also the only ones who knows where all the magic doors are...
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a red fox sitting in the snow with its eyes closed
Interview: Exploring the Wonderful World of Wild Foxes in Japan with Hiroki Inoue
a close up of a fox in the snow with its eyes closed and tongue out
Fez 🇹🇭 🇯🇵 🔜 FurGET | Infurnity (@fezfoxdown) / Twitter
a red fox laying in the grass next to a tree
Daily Fox #5. Such a cute little guy
a red fox is laying in the leaves
Found this pretty guy in the forest last fall
a close up of a fox with green eyes looking out from behind a tree trunk
My mom took an amazing picture of this Fox
a small brown and white animal laying on top of a green grass covered field with it's eyes closed
Butterfly on fox nose!!
a red fox sitting on top of a tree stump looking at the camera with an alert look
Posing.....Note: NOT Backlit!...Series
an oil painting of a fox looking at the camera
X. It’s what’s happening