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an open book with sticky notes attached to it sitting on top of a computer keyboard
Bible study ❤
a person holding up a book with flowers on the pages and what god plans for you written on it
someone is holding up a card that says, he has watched over your journey through his van - wilderness
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bible journaling
someone is holding up a book with some writing on it and the pages are open
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an open bible with handwritten notes and writing on the pages, including jesus died for you in public don't live for him in private
Jesus died for you in public, show your love for him in the same way
a person holding up a newspaper with the words breaking news jesus still wins written on it
best news ever!!
an open bible with the words jesus did it
aesthetic bible journaling
Ideas, Sticky Notes Quotes, Hope, Random, Cool Words, Pretty Words, Words
an aerial view of people walking on the beach at sunset, with text that reads go to god first, not last
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