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an advertisement for toys and gifts from the catalog, with pictures of children's toys
Gift Guide // Last Minute Gifts from Amazon
Gift Guide // Last Minute Gifts from Amazon | Cella Jane #giftideasforkids #lastminutegifts #kidschristmas
the holiday gift guide for the little ones is shown in this graphic style, including toys and
holiday gift guide : for the little ones
there are many toys that are on the table together and one is broken in half
Metabrick compatible parts by Lenbok
I use the metabrick by wizard23 as my standard "quick print to flush a colour change through". Since I have a bunch now, I thought I would whip up some compatible parts for a bit of variety.
a black object sitting on top of wooden sticks
domekit 2V by EFFALO
this is a connector design for assembling a 2V geodesic dome structure. based off the wizardry of c60's original Dome Connector, we've improved the design by shaping the hexagonal connectors like hexagons, and the pentagonal ones like pentagons — making it much easier to visually differentiate between the two different connector types. additionally, we've added pairing notches above the 16° B-length struts on both connector shapes, to help accelerate assembly.
a person is holding onto the bottom of a metal bed frame with two black handles
The Twillery Co. 9 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress And 14 Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame Set 75.0 x 38.0 x 11.0 in | Wayfair Canada
a person is working on an object made out of plastic pipes and wood dows
DIYの楽しさをドームにも。使い方は無限大 イギリス発【Hubs】 | ドームハウスのEarthDome(アースドーム)
a map of the world with animals on it and some crayons next to it
World Map, Educational Toy, Map Puzzles for Kids, Montessori Puzzle, Gift for Kids
Studies have shown that kids retain information much more quickly if they have a visual aid so this wooden world map puzzle is the ideal educational toy for them to learn about the world around them and follows the Montessori principles. This is a geography lesson that is super fun!
the instagram stories are displayed in four different styles
Premium PSD | Minimal instagram story template
a brochure is displayed on top of a white table with an orange and brown geometric design
Simple And Style Decoration Brochure Design | PSD Free Download - Pikbest