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an image of a painting with words and angels on it's back side,
Building Jerusalem: William Blake and the Counterculture, by Richard Holmes
a drawing of a person standing on top of a hill
A Nonbeliever’s Case for the Bible: How a Secular Reading of Scripture Enlarges Our Experience of Beauty, Morality, and Transcendence
an image of the creation of adam and eve in this painting by salvador de castro
Job's Sons and Daughters Overwhelmed by Satan
an old book cover with a woman and child sitting under a tree
Songs of Innocence and of Experience: Songs of Innocence: Title Page
an image of a painting with birds flying over the building and people standing in front of it
"Le Berceau" 1903 by Sarah Paxton Ball Dodson
a drawing of an old man sitting on a bench surrounded by angels
Milton, Old Age
a painting of jesus on the cross surrounded by other people
Christ Nailed To The Cross: The Third Hour
an image of jesus appearing to the people
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John Milton Paradise Lost, Milton Paradise Lost, Ralph Steadman, John Milton, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Paradise Lost, Adam And Eve
The Tree of Knowledge, Good, and Evil
an old book cover with a drawing of a woman and rainbows in the sky
Visions of the Daughters of Albion (title page)