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a woman standing in front of a bunch of tall trees with white flowers on them
photography by marieke verdenius concept & design by vlinder&vogel
an art work is displayed in the middle of a room with white walls and green trees
Nobuhiro Nakanishi. | Art Ruby
a group of mirrors that have plants in them
Patternbank | Tumblr
Articulating screen by Sasha Sykes , Ireland . Acrylic and resin . Patternbank | Tumblr
a small plant in a clear box on a wooden table
pressed, on display
three people laying on the ground in front of a building with confetti falling from it
Exploding Garden Installation Transforms An Ancient Church [Pics]
As part of the 50th Venice Biennial in 2003, artists Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzilinger created a beautiful installation inside the Church of San Stae in central Venice. They used thousands of plastic flowers, branches, seeds, crystals, quills and even animal bones, and hung them individually floating in the air. Visitors were invited to lie on a bed in the center of the church to view the work. Seen from that angle, it’s as if a garden has exploded into tiny pieces and the falling debris han...
an artistic glass panel with flowers and plants on it's sides, in front of a gray background
Bloom! - Sasha Sykes
Bloom! Wildflowers (RoryMorre) sasha sykes
there are many glass bottles with branches in them
Art Within Containers Preserving Concepts
a public phone booth with goldfish in it
Fun and Unusual Urban Art Installations Around the World - moco-choco
Fun and Unusual Urban Art Installations Around the World, Japan
a person standing on top of a pile of tiny black shoes with their feet in the air
Impressive Installations by Do Ho Suh
Impressive Installations by Do Ho Suh The South Korean artist Do Ho Suh creates huge sculptures and installations that will leave you open-mouthed. His works defy conventional notions of scale. The artist appropriates the exhibition and draws attention to the way the spectators occupy and inhabit public space.
several sculptures of sheep are standing in a room
I can't hear you, it's a baaaaa-d line
This lovely flock sits in the foyer of the Museum of Communication in Frankfurt. Made from telephone cabling and old handsets, they were one of the highlights of my visit there! Sculpture is "Telephone Sheep" by Jean-Luc Cornec.
a large red piece of art hanging on the wall
gerry judah, babylon 2009
two people standing in front of a book shelf filled with books and looking at it
A Library That Plummets into an Abyss by Susanna Hesselberg for Sculpture by the Sea — Colossal
A Library That Plummets into an Abyss by Susanna Hesselberg for Sculpture by the Sea
there are three pictures with different images on them
there are two pictures of shoes on the ground and one is in an empty room
(epä)hauska, ajatuksia & puhetta herättävä (epä)ajankohtaisuutiskuvapalvelu
Bloody creepy...
two paintings in a room with one being blown by the wind and the other is falling down
Everybody who's anybody knows a rainbow-puking skull makes for an excellent accent wall.
an art piece is on display in a white walled room with carpeted flooring
Frieze art fair New York 2016 – in pictures
The rugs do work: a carpet work which seems to melt onto the floor.
four different views of an animal bone with flowers on it's back and side
Anatomical Ceramic Sculptures by Maria Garcia-Ibáñez - Hi-Fructose Magazine
Anatomical Ceramic Sculptures by Maria Garcia-Ibáñez
an array of different colored papers are arranged on the wall and placed in front of each other
serena garcia dalla venezia (The Jealous Curator)
serena garcia dalla venezia More
a woman's head is covered with rocks and yarns, as if it were made from wool
Inspiration – Side 4 – unikarina – min kreative verden
The images are borrowed from Uldfestivalens website
an odd looking object with teeth on it's head and gold chains around the mouth
three sheep statues with telephones attached to them in an office building lobby, one is talking on the phone
parson sees
Sheep Sculptures made from Vintage Rotary Telephones
multiple images of people in different rooms with one person laying on the floor and another standing up
Su obra I love the second to the last image where he's putting curlers in her hair
a large white sculpture sitting on top of a wooden floor
Hollow by Motohiko Odani @ Maison Hermès
Hollow by Motohiko Odani Maison Hermès 8th Floor, “Le Forum” 5-4-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3569-3300 coordinates: 35.672206, 139.763453. Via Pat Carr
a little boy standing next to a giant bear made out of rocks and wire on the sidewalk
#Pinterest Necesito de todos.
an odd looking statue with lots of beads on it's face and hands, sitting in front of a white wall
Nylon Sculptures
Dutch artist Rosa Verloop molds, tucks and sews worn flesh-colored stockings to create figures that range from cartoonish to utterly grotesque.
a white mannequin head with black hair
Inspired by unique sculptures - That Creative Feeling
Sculpture by Nick Van Woert