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a tote bag with a frog on it hanging from a coat rack in a room
a tote bag with an image of a woman holding two birds on it's shoulder
Шопер с ковровой вышивкой
a chair and rug in front of a colorful wall
Season Paper Collection X Chaumière Oiseau : Papier peint, papeterie, tapis, coussins et plaids quiltés 🌈
a plant is sitting on top of a bowl
an orange and pink rug sitting on top of a floor next to a wooden ladder
Studio Rosa Rauscher
Rosa Rauscher is founded by Corina and Dirk, a couple from Germany creating colorful handmade art & design objects. Our Studio was started as a consequence of our passion for colors, forms and materials. We love creating digital design, and crafting then with our own hands. Our weapons of choice are Tufting Gun and Lasercutter, charged with yarn and plywood. Follow me on Instagram @rosa_rauscher
a woman standing in front of two paintings on the wall with her arms spread out
Studio Mirte
three pieces of art hanging on the wall next to each other in different shapes and sizes
Mathieu Lehanneur | Le Passage, Standing Mirror