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four wood slices with owls on them and one has an umbrella in the center, while three are sitting on top of each other
. سلام . سفارشات آماده ارسال البته چون جلا زده شده نور افتاده رو کارا خوب نشده عکسشون . ( لطفا برای اطلاع از قیمتها به تلگرام پیام بدین) .
a rock with an image of a bird on it that says if you have one crazy friend, you have everything
To a very special crazy friend of mine…
an instagram page with many magnets on the wall and pictures hanging from them
an image of a candle that is in the middle of rocks with faces on it
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some rocks are arranged in the shape of a dog's paw on a wooden surface
Fer a Souder Electronique de Precision, Meterk 14 en 1 Kit Soudure 60W Température Réglable 200 ℃ ~ 450 ℃, avec 5pcs Différentes Panne de Kit Fer à Souder
pieds en galets pour une déco campagnarde ou bord de mer. #deco #mer #campagne
there are many balls with eyes painted on them
100 Best Painted Rocks
100 Best Painted Rocks - Prudent Penny Pincher
six painted wooden slices with owls holding an umbrella and trees on them, sitting on a burlwood surface
. سلااااااام . مسااااااابقههههه . دوستاتون رو زیر این پست تگ کنین زیر ۵ تا تگ اصن قبول نیست ‌. و اولین کسی که بیشترین تگ رو انجام بده میتونه یکی از این چهار فصل رو به عنوان جایزه انتخاب کنه و فقط هزینه ی پست رو پرداخت کنه . و اینکه تگهای برنده چک میشه که آیدی الکی تگ نشده باشه . اینم واسه دوستانی که پی ام میدن بازم مسابقه ‌#مسابقه .
several blue and yellow minion rocks are arranged in a row on a white surface
Painted Minion Rocks
These painted Minion rocks or stones make a super cute and simple craft for all Minion fans out there: kids and parents.
six painted ladybugs sitting on top of a flower design table cloth with the words camera spirit written below them
painted rocks that say you are perfect and pray for peace
Rock Painting Ideas {Easy Ideas for Painting Creative Rocks}
painted rock ideas
some rocks painted with cartoon characters on them
idea family rocks
many colorful rocks are arranged together on the ground and painted with different colors, shapes and sizes
pebble painting
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some rocks with animals painted on them
Painted rocks - miscellaneous