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four pictures of snowflakes on a table, each with different shapes and sizes
9. december - hama mini snefnug
four different pixellated buildings with the words home by design on them, all in grey and
Lyshuse i hamaperler - Home by Bianca
a cross stitch christmas stocking with santa's stockings hanging from the side on a wooden floor
Hama Nissetøj
cross stitch christmas sweaters hanging on clothes pins and needles to make them look like stockings
three pieces of plastic beaded snowflakes on a wooden surface
two cross stitch pictures of nutcrackers in different colors and sizes, each with their own name
Inspiration for playing with Hama Beads
a close up of a sign made out of legos
Santa, Christmas, God Jul
a cross stitch christmas sign with santa claus and reindeers on it's side
two christmas trees made out of plastic beads
a cross stitch christmas ornament with an image of santa and elf on it