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an image of a book planter made out of books on the table with plants in it
89 Awesome Gift Ideas For Bookworms (Besides An Actual Book)
an orange ceramic octopus planter with succulents in it's mouth
Octopus Planter Octopus Pot Handmade Ceramic Pot Pots for - Etsy
Octopus Orange Planter Ceramic Vessel | Etsy
four ceramic sea animals with succulents and plants in their mouths on a table
Ceramic Animal Planters with Live Succulents, Gift, Sea Creatures Seaside, Crab Seal Whale Octopus
a close up of a person holding a ceramic object with two eyes and nose shapes
a close up of a person holding a small toy with two eyes and nose shaped like a bird
50 Times People Made Something So Great, They Just Had To Share It On The “Something I Made” Online Group (New Pics)
flowers are arranged in vases with the words diy flower frogs made with air dry clay
DIY Flower Frogs with Air Dry Clay | Hearth and Vine