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a woman sitting on top of a red couch next to a blue and white slide
This Contraption Lets You Turn Your Stairs Into A Slide
I want to play on one of these!!
Grimms Stacking Rainbow
Fun with the Grimms Stacking Rainbow! Heirloom quality wooden toys for open ended fun. Video credit to: Oskars Wooden Ark, Australia.
the words how to make easy magnetic blocks are in front of an image of a piece of wood
How to Make Magnetic Wooden Blocks Like Tegu Toys!
an orange and white poster with the words beach unit blocks written in large letters on it
WOOD UNIT BLOCKS...Easy-n-cheap!!!!!
an elephant made out of wooden blocks with text overlay that reads diy building blocks
20+ DIY Wood Projects to Make for Kids
kids playing with wooden blocks on the floor
DIY Wooden Building Blocks - How Wee Learn
These DIY wooden building blocks for kids are the best toy for imagination and…
Marble Run Fun!
Watching marbles run down a tower can be a lot more fun than you think! Video credit: emily Building With Rainbows
the diy marble run is an easy and fun activity for kids
DIY | Marble Run