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Landscapes | Carla Bosch
Por amor al arte
An Edge of Poppies

landskab kopier

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an abstract painting with blue, green and white colors
Water Disco - Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist
Water Disco - Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist
an abstract painting with green and yellow colors
Joan Fullerton - Works
an abstract painting with various colors and shapes
Hervé Lenouvel
Por amor al arte: Hervé Lenouvel
an abstract painting of grass and water in the foreground with orange, blue, and yellow clouds
'Sunset on the Cape' Tony Allain www.tonyallainfineart.com @tonyallain #artist #art #painter #painting #pastelpainting #pastel #softpastel…
an abstract painting with green, yellow and pink colors
EDITIONS - Alice Sheridan: contemporary artist