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a house made out of driftwood on top of a piece of wood with the words eva's diffrommer
three wooden houses are on a piece of wood
a group of small houses made out of driftwood on a mantle in a living room
Lille drivtømmer by. Small driftwood town/houses with seaglass. By EVAS.
a group of wooden houses sitting next to each other on top of a wood floor
Driftwood houses or town. Love the Beach and the Fresh air ❤ Made by EVA s.
two wood carvings with birds on them and one is made out of driftwood, the other has metal eyes
Make owls with felt or steel wool
a group of houses made out of cardboard and some magnets on the back of them
Driftwood gift for a wedding. made by EVAS.
a group of houses made out of driftwood sitting on top of a wooden wall
Drivtømmer by. Driftwood town/houses. Designed by EVAS.
three pieces of wood that have been made to look like houses
Vægdekoration lavet af drivtømmer og glas - eget design