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a painting of an old stone house on a hill with people and animals around it
Jörg Müller – die Welt ist kein Märchen
a drawing of some boats in the water
Thomas W Schaller - Portfolio of Works: Available Original Paintings
a painting of a woman in a red dress standing on a path near a river
Carl Spitzweg – Artwork, Bio And Analysis Of The German Romanticist Painter - Artlex
a painting of an old farm house with chickens in the yard and trees around it
Forår i landsbyen med mand, der fodrer høns
a painting of a village with chickens in the courtyard
Monsted, Peder Mork (1859-1941) - 1935 Geese on the Cobblestones in the Courtyard on a Summer Day
a painting of a house with a thatched roof
Landsbyidyl med hons, blomster og et bondehus ved Kjættinge Kirke
black and white drawing of a tree by the water's edge with an old sign in the background
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Tea set genuine purple sand tea Kungfu tea set single pot pottery Hand made Special gift