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an old chair sitting in front of a wall with geometric designs on it's sides
Carreaux de ciment motif géométrique : où en trouver - Joli Place
carreaux de ciment motif géométrique
a bed sitting on top of a tiled floor next to a wall
This Marble Floor Puts Inexpensive Scraps to Beautiful Use
A close-up of the marble floor they ultimately designed. When marble slabs are cut down at the yard for custom jobs, Raftopoulos explains, corners and punch-outs and end pieces are left behind. Emphasis on often: The AREA team was able to purchase about 100 square feet of marble remnants from a local yard for just €300, an incredible boon to the overall project cost. "Three cubic meters of material that would have otherwise been discarded provide one of the cheapest possible solutions to a major
a person standing on top of a white and blue tile floor next to a pair of black shoes
an abstract pattern with different shades of green, yellow and brown on the side of it
the feet of a person standing in front of black and white stones with london design fair logo above them
the shower head is mounted to the wall in this tiled bathroom with black and white tiles
White blue cement tiles | MOSAIC FACTORY
Mix of white and blue cement tiles in different geometric tile patterns. Modern and original hallway floor designed by KOOP with bespoke tiles from MOSAIC FACTORY | www.koopfurniture.co.uk | #mosaicfactory #whitebluetiles #geometricpatchworktiles #mixoftiles #originaltileideas #mosaicdelsur
an abstract painting with blue, red and white squares
All Remodelista Home Inspiration Stories in One Place
Source: Wabi-Sabi Tiles from a Dutch Fashion Designer
a person standing in front of a green and white tiled floor with their feet on the ground
Useful Tips For Your Home Improvement Project
a room with blue and white tiles on the wall, paintbrushes in a bucket next to it
House & Home
Our New Recubed Blue tiles in a fresh blue palette from Smink Things
a yellow lemon sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
Subtle Imperfections: Screen-Printed Ceramic Tiles from a Small-Batch London Company - Remodelista
Smink Things After Lowry Tile with Bowls