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there are two chairs and a fire hydrant on the green carpeted stage set
Conversations in Literacy
Family Literacy Night- Campfires
an advertisement for frozen water with snowmen in it and the caption's description below
Error Page | Ziploc® brand
Bring the magic of Disney Frozen to your next party craft with Olaf’s Frozen Snow Globe. Start by building your snowman, gluing 3 cotton balls together with piper cleaner arms and nose, then use the construction paper to make eyes, buttons, and a mouth. Next, attach your snowman to the leak-resistant lid of your Ziploc® Brand Twist ‘n Loc® container, add confetti inside, and seal for an easy, magical delight.
several boxes are lined up on the table
Family Art Night
That Little Art Teacher: Family Art Night
the table is set up for an art class
Art Festival and Family Art Night- How to run a Family Art Night
Art Festival Family Art Night
a snowman project for kids to do in the winter with their own name and pictures
Keepin' It Kool In KinderLand
FREEBIE Snow People family project
a table set up with place mats, flowers and cards for children's birthdays
Yeehaw Teaching in Texas!
Muffins with Mom Ideas
people standing around tables with trays of pastries on them
muffins with mom
a group of people sitting around a table with pictures on it and the words how to organize a family last night projects set - up fun
Family Art Nights: AME 043 | Deep Space Sparkle
How to organize a family art night at your children's school
two children and an adult posing in front of a chalk board with the word dad written on it
Donuts with Dads photo op with frame! Love this Dad!! ❤️
a red and black poster with the words, roll out the red carpet for library night
Roll Out the Red Carpet for Literacy Night, Movie Style!
Roll Out the Red Carpet for Literacy Night, Movie Style!
a group of people standing in front of a christmas tree with colorful papers on the floor
Real Life Candy Land Game!! (no link... just inspiration)