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a person is painting feathers with blue and red colors on the paper while holding a paint roller in their hand
Learn How to Make a Feather Stitch and Its Variations
How to make a stamp or print with a feather.
several different images of the same object
there are some stamps that have been made to look like animals
Use Sugru Rubber to make stamps
make your own silicone leaf stamp with this step - by - step video
Garden Archives
Make Your Own Silicone Leaf Stamp
a clear plastic box with white stars and snowflakes on the inside, in front of a blue background
Storing ScanNCut Clear Silicone Stamps
Storing ScanNCut Clear Silicone Stamps
a red and white table cloth with circles on it, next to a brush and paint container
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{ week one } of the #52weeksofprintmaking challenge 2015 by Yardage Design :: block printed sunbursts in red ink on grey linen
some white tiles that are on top of a table and one is in the shape of an ornament
rolling pin stamps
Carve stamps from craft foam with a heat tool. . Gloucestershire Resource Centre
two small white flowers on top of a wooden table
Pottery Stamps Indian Wood Stamp Textile Stamp Wood Blocks | Etsy Canada
Pottery Stamps Indian Wood Stamp Textile Stamp by charancreations
the instructions for how to make an origami style paper craft with scraps
Some New Garbage Stamps
TriangleStamp by Julie Fei-fan Balzer
three pictures of different designs on paper
Start A Fire
MWzenpatterns - more carvings to assist in printmaking patterns
several different shapes and sizes of carved wooden stamps with designs on the front, back and sides
Rubber Stamps for Sale - eBay
Hand Carved Wooden Block Printed Indian Stamps - Wood Printing Stamping Supplies
a piece of art that is on top of a table with black and white designs
Jeannemcgee's Blog
Zig zag block print - irene shade4
a hand holding a small black triangle on top of a red and white pillow next to a piece of fabric
a challenge for the new year, and a giveaway (Spotted Stone)
A challenge project idea for a quilting group: make a stamp, stamp fabric, make a pouch out of your fabric every month! Show it. Tell it, Gift it. Always having a gift, that's a good thing!