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an image of a room that has been decorated with bright colored sticks and wires on the ceiling
30 Creative Diy String Art Ideas
a little disaster
an image of a flower that is in the middle of a square frame with lines on it
35 DIY String Art Patterns - Guide Patterns
Free String Art Pattern to Print
a circular wire sculpture sitting on top of a table
How to Create Parabolic Curves Using Straight Lines
string art...... idk. Maybe a different design! But pretty cool....
an image of a star that is in the air with lines going through it,
Where Art, Math and Learning Collide
One of the 45 different geometric string art designs - created using fluorescent thread which glows under a black light.
four boxes with string art on them sitting on a table in front of a window
artist and the making
artist and the making
three different patterns that are used to make an origami style paper crafting project
Goosloo Hobbysite
borduurrand en string art More
an art work is displayed on a shelf next to a candle and some candlesticks
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an image of a spiral design in red and green
#hexagon #geometry #symmetry #pattern #evolution #string #art #mathart
an image of a circle made up of lines and shapes in the shape of a triangle
Drawing geometric whirls- with templates!
How to draw geometric swirl patterns with templates. - also awesome for embroidery.
a piece of art made out of wire and beading on a black surface with an eye shaped object in the middle
a card with some flowers on it in the shape of a dandelion and green stems
string art card
Floral Card embroidery. Card piercing. Embroidery pattern. Design. Motifs. Retro. Geometric. Vintage.
a decorative ball sitting on top of a wooden table
Vintage Temari Ball Medium, Pink
Vintage Temari Ball Medium, Pink