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three different views of a stone bench made out of concrete and black metal, with the top section partially covered in rock
Sturdy Bench Composed of Sand and Cement Blurs the Line Between Furniture and Sculpture
Fernando Mastrangelo transforms sand and cement into an artistic centerpiece that lies somewhere between sculpture and functioning bench. #art #sculpture
the orange juicer has four different stages to make it
1613009김혜인 연필깍이 기능을 과일즙짜는 기능으로 바꿔 생각해낸 부분이 기발한 것 같다. 특이나 전기로만 이용할 수 있는 일반 과일쯥짜는기계와는 달리 수동으로 어디서든 짜서 먹을 수 있다는게 좋고 쯥을 짜고 텀블러 형식으로 되있어서 휴대하기도 편리한 것 같다.
the bed is made up and ready to be used for someone's bedroom or office
Bedroom Design Idea - Place Your Bed On A Raised Platform
BEDROOM DESIGN IDEA - Place Your Bed On A Raised Platform // This bed sitting on platform made of reclaimed logs adds a rustic yet contemporary feel to the large bedroom.
a brick wall with a lamp on it and an image of buildings drawn on the side
Backstein Tapete - Wandgestaltung mit realistischem Effekt
three black chairs sitting next to each other
Grand Prix chair, Ant chair, Seven chair by Arne Jacobsen, 1952.
a wooden desk sitting on top of a gray floor
two pictures side by side with different designs on the wall and in the middle, there is a dining room
19 Ideas For Using Hexagons In Interior Design And Architecture
19 Ideas For Using Hexagons In Interior Design And Architecture // This New York apartment creatively transitions from hexagon tiles in the kitchen to hardwood in the dining room.