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a doll house bathroom with a tub and toilet
Miniature Bathroom
Hearth and Home Miniatures - Miniature Bathroom. Copper leafed bateau bath.
the toilet is decorated with flames and skulls
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Awesome Airbrushed Toilet With Flames And Skull
a wooden shelf in the corner of a stone walled room with a small window above it
Characters at court – the TUDOR TUTOR
Oldest Toilet in England by Jose and Roxanne, via Flickr Before Sir Henry Norris became One of the Five Blokes to be Beheaded for Getting Randy with Anne Boleyn, he held the title of Henry VIII’s Groom of the Stool. Nowadays this sounds like the worst job ever, and yet at the time it was the crème de la crème of jobs in the royal Tudor household.
a brown dog standing on top of a toilet in a bathroom
: phenomenal pictures
a chrome faucet with water running from it's sides and the handles
funny & weird urinals
HEHEHAHA.... :): funny & weird urinals
an old wooden toilet with the seat up
Loos yourself in history: Toilet museum boasts hundreds of ancient specimens from across the globe including a French one disguised as a bookcase
A table toilet seen at the Museum of Toilets in New Delhi, India
an ornate silver bowl with handle and handles
"Don't Have A Pot To Pee In"
chamber pot - Google Search
a white toilet sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a trash can with the lid up
Barbie doll toilet.... made from the top of a soft scrub bottle and a dental floss container
two pictures of gold toilets in a bathroom
1/2 Million Dollar Toilet
a black and white checkered floor in a bathroom with two sinks, toilet and bathtub
Small Talk: Petit Tresor's Art Deco Bathroom
a white toilet sitting next to a bath tub in a bathroom under a window on top of a tiled floor
a black and white bathroom with pink accessories on the sink, toilet and bathrobe
1/12th dollhouse bathroom
a bathroom with blue tile floors and walls, including a bathtub in the center
mijn droomwereldje
dollhouse bathroom with archway