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an old hammer with a quote on it
MJOLNIR - this is the war hammer of THOR, the god of lightning, thunder, wind, and rain. MJOINIR is the most feared weapon of the Norse gods. It was believed to be able to knock down giants and entire mountains with only one hit. When thrown, THOR's hammer would return to his hand after hitting its target. It is said that MJOINIR was used by THOR to slay JORMUNGANDR during RAGNAROK.
Vikings Source
Floki #Vikings
a man dressed as a viking holding two large axes
#GustafSkarsgård #Floki #Vikings #HistoryChannel Season Three Promo Pic
an old wooden bed with carvings on it
viking bed
two men in medieval armor with their mouths open
an old book with some type of writing on it's cover, and the words run
The Hall of Heorot
the man is making something out of rolls of toilet paper and some kind of pipe
14 Super Cool DIY Backyard Furniture Projects
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the diagram shows how to build an oseeberg small tent with measurements and instructions
Old Norse Tents
There's no reason why this design couldn't be used to create easy-to-assemble playtents, I think.