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an indoor living area with plants and couches
Soul Garden House | Spacefiction Studio - The Architects Diary
the interior of a modern house with grass and plants on the floor, stairs to the second floor
Gallery of Soul Garden House / Spacefiction Studio - 36
a dining room table with chairs and a bowl on it in front of a sliding glass door
Casa Na Baleia - Casa de Valentina
an empty room with glass walls and grass in the center is seen from another room
Glass extensions, open plan living spaces and large #glazinginstallations
a living room filled with furniture and a large window that looks out onto the outdoors
Villa Lakatamia Case Study » Sieger Architektur Systems
an open living room with sliding glass doors
a tree in the middle of a room with tables and chairs on either side of it
D House by ARO Studio | Habitus Living
the inside of a store with lots of gold coins on the walls and flooring
Aquazzurra Store - Milan | Casa do Passadiço
an open door leading into a restroom with men and women symbols on it
Signage that looks good - cl design - Signage / Sports
the interior of a library with bookshelves and shelves
Labarre Bookstore & Cafe
the inside and outside of a restaurant with tables, stools, and counter tops
9 Unique Coffee Shops from New Zealand and Australia
9 Unique Coffee Shops from New Zealand and Australia | CONTEMPORIST