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Don’t give your power away! Do you find that you sometimes give your power away to others? That you let others' attitudes and opinions overrule what you mean about yourself? Do you realize when your thoughts sometimes persist with critical, perfectionistic ratings? So you almost have a doubt about who you are and what you really have to offer? And if that wasn't all: Your brain put you in front of an exam table where you will be compared with others and judged!

Are you living your life by conclusions? Some people have built their lives by very clear conclusions as the foundation of their lives. Conclusions as: I can't handle my life alone. I'm not capable to live a social life. I have always had poor self-esteem. I'm too sensitive to noises. I can't function in a group. My anxiety prevents me to go out of my home. I'm too sensitive to be with many people. My illness prevents me from doing what I want.

Create space between your daily activities. You can learn to be present. You can follow courses. You can read about it and then practice at home. You may even find your own way to be present (mindful). You can indeed be present anywhere and anytime. How? Next time you turn on or off the switch, or next time you make coffee, then try to stop, feel how the NOW feels, is heard, sensed and just BE.

AM I who my thoughts forms? AM I what my memories tells me? Or - AM I something completely different than what I imagine? I think we are all much more than we have ever been told and taught. We’ve got a very limited view of ourselves and what we are capable of. We have learned to see us as defined and thus limited and finite beings. What if it’s not true? What if you cannot be defined and limited by others?

I have changed the name of my company. Nothing else. The logo is the same. The services are the same. I am the same. Or? Who can resist changes if you love life? :-D The new name reflects what the former name “Connect toyour Universe” didn’t sufficiently showed, namely what I have been working with for several years: ENERGY work. Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection® and Access Bars® are the three modalities of “energy work” that I live with, has in my daily life and pass on to…

Mirror mirror on the wall... Do you sometimes get caught up in seeing another person’s annoying characteristics? Characteristics that grows and grows, until your frustration is about to explode right in the face of that person? And you wish to remove the person completely from your life? Did you know that the vast majority of times it’s all about yourself and NOT the other person?

Find you own power! Have you given your power away by immersing yourself in a community which preach that you need a teacher, counselor, master, savior or guru? Deep inside us human beings lies this conviction, that we should look for one who can save us - one who can make life better for us, and can make us more confident for the unknown that awaits us.

A tribute to the body. Dear body: ~ I'm sorry that I have treated you terribly miserable for so many years. ~ I'm sorry I have closed my ears when you were trying to get my attention. ~ I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to realize the gift you are to me. I just overheard you, all the times you tried to get my attention. For I had learned that you - and what I have between my ears - are my property.

Thanks for 2014 and welcome 2015!

Are you a proper helper? These days I'm often stopped by posts on Facebook from Jeff Foster ( They move my heart. I have learned to throw my responsibility and my commitment into helping other people. And I have struggled and worked hard. Did it help? Surely not always!