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Relationship Issues Tarot Spread
This tarot spread is for anyone in a challenging relationship - whether it be a romantic relationship, friendship, family member, someone at work, or any other type of association you’d like insight on. If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I don’t believe in reading cards for someone without their consent. This is why a lot of my tarot spreads revolve around what you can do, as the querent, on your end. This way you are given control to solve your own problems instead of waiting around for someone to solve them for you (which, let’s face it, probably isn’t going to happen). This type of tarot reading follows a more holistic approach to solving any relationship issues you may be facing
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Reflection Tarot Spread
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A Spread for a New Month!
the month ahead tarot spread with pink flowers and text that says, what do you need
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Tarot Spread - Month Ahead — Emerald Lotus Divination What Are Tarot Cards, Tarot Decks
Tarot Spread - Month Ahead — Emerald Lotus
Tarot Spread - Month Ahead — Emerald Lotus Divination
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the steps to spring tarot spread with numbers and words for each step in it
Quick tarot spread for spring