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a boat is sitting in the water with its reflection on the water's surface
St. Nicholas by Frank Pali
children playing on the playground in front of their house
found photo via even cleveland
the statue of liberty is lit up by lightning
Incredible pic - lightning hits the Statue of Liberty!!!
a large white shark swimming in the ocean
Mola molas, or ocean sunfish - I've never heard of these before - Among the more bizarre-looking visitors to California waters this summer are Mola molas, or ocean sunfish, which are being seen in unusually high numbers. But it's a stunning photograph of one of these gentle giants that appears to be getting the most attention. The image, captured off San Diego by Daniel Botelho
a bride and groom kissing in front of a group of people on their wedding day
A Roaring 1920's Wedding: Geneva + Matt
1920s inspired wedding #wedding #vintage
two people kneeling next to each other near a tree in the woods and one is talking on a cell phone
Heaven Was Needing a Hero
Photography at its VERY best... Sure to jerk on your heart strings!!!
Beautiful photo Children, Quotes, Inspiration, Beautiful People, None, Little People, Beautiful Babies
Beautiful photo
the full moon rising over mountains with snow on them
we really live in an incredible world.
a wooden dock with several people standing on it in the middle of the ocean,
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a black and white photo of a sailor kissing a woman on the street with people in the background
The iconic kiss.
the colorful trees are reflected in the water
Michigan in Autumn
two rhinos are standing in the water at sunset
"SUNSET WITH RHINOS" Greeting Card for Sale by Michael Sheridan
Black rhinos at sunset-Etosha National Park, Namibia-Michael Sheridan