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Jellyfish Home Aesthetic
Jellyfish aesthetic inspiration, right this way. Bring the trend home with touches of blue, slouchy silhouettes, and translucent accents.
a poster with the words get jelly in white letters on a purple and lavender background
Jellyfish Lamp Aesthetic
Looking to bring the jellyfish vibes into your space? Start with a small accent like a white glass lamp with detailing.
an advertisement for jelly & just - right, featuring a colorful table with the words jelly and just - right on it
Jellyfish Aesthetic Side Table
Slowly leaning into the jellyfish aesthetic? Start with an acrylic side table that subtly leans into the trend.
Jellyfish-Inspired Home Decor
Ready to bring the jellyfish aesthetic home? Lean into the trend with whimsical accents, curved furniture, and translucent decor.
there are many different objects that can be seen in this image, including chairs and tables
Jellyfish Aesthetic
The trend that’s taking over homes everywhere? Jellyfish aesthetic. Think: translucent tables, curved furniture, and slouchy silhouettes.
All Things Eclectic Grandpa
Our essential eclectic grandpa go-to? Retro-inspired chairs in shades of sage that bring vintage vibes to your seating space.
there is a collage of pictures with plants and furniture in them, including a couch, table, rugs, bookshelf, coffee table
Curved Home Decor
With a retro-inspired look, curved home decor and furniture is bringing a 70’s vibe to any space this season. Think: bold vases, slouchy sofas, bright area rugs, and more.
an advertisement with the words everything is electric grandpaa in white and brown on it
an electric lamp with the words electric grandpaa essentials above it and below it
Eclectic Decor
The easiest way to bring this eclectic grandpa vibes home? Retro-inspired lighting that brings a vintage touch to any space.
a green couch with the words all things eclectic above it and an image of a purple sofa
Eclectic Grandpa Aesthetic
All things eclectic, right this way. This season we’re all about bringing these vibes home with retro-inspired furniture that brings a touch of texture and nostalgia to any space.
an assortment of furniture with the words eclectic grandpaa above them and below it is a phone
Eclectic Aesthetic
Ready to bring the eclectic grandpa aesthetic home? Think: green velvet furniture, dark wooden accents, and retro-inspired decor.
Blue Aesthetic
This season, we’re all about shades of blue. From wall art to lamps to ottomans, we can’t get enough of this hue at home.
a black and white striped chair with the words calming blues on it's side