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vegetables that can grow in the shade
Our Outdoor Living Space
Vegetables You Can Grow in The Shade
the four stages of growing an apple tree from seed to fruit, with instructions for planting and pruning
how-to espalier fruit trees,
three bags with plants growing out of them and labeled in green - sack instructions for each bag
Potato Growing Bags
potato growing bags
the fruit is growing on the tree and ready to be picked from it's branches
Jamaican Ackee
a basket filled with lots of different types of vegetables
Designer Clothes, Shoes & Bags for Women | SSENSE
Filling garden space vacated by spring crops with summer-sown vegetables will keep your garden productive well into fall, and even winter.
an old man drinking coffee at a table with the words, pay it forward start a trend in your city
Start a Trend & #PayItForward
Suspended Coffee - Start a Trend in Your City #PayItForward #Charity
two hands reaching for a small green plant in the ground with dirt and grass around them
Indian Man Single-Handedly Plants a 1,360-Acre Forest
Incredible feat: Muhammed Yousuf Jamil planted 20,101 trees in one day!
an aerial view of a city with lots of tall buildings and green lines on it
The Lowline Kickstarter Video
VIDEO: The Lowline New York: A Kickstarter project to create an underground park on New York’s Lower East Side. New York City is a densely populated environment with a historic lack of public or green space. City dwellers desperately need new public spaces in which to daydream, interact and get a rare respite from a fast pace of life. It involves the promise of new technology to improve the quality of life in crowded 21st century cities #underground #park #lowline
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a fence with trees
Living the Dream Farm in Wisconsin is home to farmers Khaiti & Andrew French. They raise heritage free-range duck eggs, turkeys, chickens, guinea, geese, ducks, and goats.
a box filled with lots of different types of vegetables
Varm sallad med brysselkål – Warm Salad with Brussel Sprouts | Le Parfait – Fairytales from our kitchen
Warm Salad with Brussel Sprouts
some very pretty green leafy plants in the dirt
The Ultimate Guide to Planting a Winter Vegetable Garden
Plant a cool-season vegetable garden | Lacinato kale |
four people posing for a photo in the grass
Global Garden, Global Kitchen
Global Garden, Global Kitchen
two men walking through a field full of lettuce and other plants in the foreground
Remodelista - Sourcebook for the Considered Home
Vegetables can be beautiful too / on TTL Design
a person holding a pair of pliers in front of a plant with green leaves
How to Prune Tomatoes
Highly recommend pruning your tomato plants. Last year I pruned half of each variety I had growing in my garden to see if pruning had any effect. I was amazed when the plants that I had pruned started producing, they had at least twice as many vegetables and they were of larger size. Not only did the pruning increase my overall yield on those plants but it also made the plants easier to train up the posts I had in place.
a woman sitting on the ground next to a basket filled with fruits and vegetables in it
An afternoon with Fig & Fauna and some raw beet and goat cheese ravioli :: Cannelle et Vanille
Image Via: Cannelle et Vanille
many colorful peppers are hanging from a pole
Hot Peppers - Very cool photo blog
Hot Peppers
an aerial view of rice terraces in the mountains, with trees and grass growing on them
Photo view
terraced rice patties
people sitting at picnic tables in front of a shipping container with plants growing from it
GrowUp! An aquaponic urban farm for London
GrowUp! An aquaponic urban farm for London by Kate Hofman, via Kickstarter.
an image of a man and woman holding carrots with the words support local farmers
A well traveled woman
Illustration by Phoebe Wahl
four different pictures with the words power of making in white letters and images of tools
Power of Making
Power of Making by Victoria and Albert Museum. What do words like "craft" and "skill" mean in 2011? That is one of the questions that the exhibition ‘Power of Making’ seeks to answer. This film delves into the working lives of four makers: shoe designer Marloes ten Bhömer, crochetdermist Shauna Richardson, artist, curator and glass designer Matt Durran and flute-maker Stephen Wessel. It uncovers processes of thought and making that are as fascinating, complex and contemporary as the exhibition
a large knife sitting on top of a wooden table
Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker
Made by Hand / No 2 The Knife Maker by Made by Hand. A project from, Made by Hand is a new short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand—sustainably, locally, and with a love for their craft.
a black and white photo of a clock
Made by Hand / No 1 The Distiller
Made by Hand / No 1 The Distiller by Made by Hand. A project from, Made by Hand is a new short film series celebrating the people who make things by hand—sustainably, locally, and with a love for their craft.
a solar panel sitting on top of a rock next to a cell phone and charger
Tesla Owners Are Mining Bitcoins With Free Power From Charging Stations, but Most Are Mined With Coal
Review: SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station
the home farming logo is shown with green plants growing out of it's soil
Home Farming Movement (Triscuit & Urban Farming) - includes a complete interactive home farming guide