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an image of a house with solar panels on the roof and stairs to the second floor
Designed by Bram Zondag of Bureau Zondag and Arjan de Nooijer of dNArchitectuur, it combines a number of ideas. It has a modular, timber frame construction that makes it quick to construct and cost effective, as well as being adaptable for use by other groups, such as students, first-time buyers or holidaymakers. Zondag and de Nooijer say the shelter can be made either in a form that's suitable and financially viable for use over short-term periods of up to five years, or for use more permanentl
a group of benches sitting on top of a lush green field next to a forest
Dezeen on Twitter
Leading architects are "turning the focus back on bamboo": http://www.dezeen.com/2014/07/18/penda-chris-precht-interview-bamboo-architecture/ … #architecture
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes, with its large glass window in front
Articles about modern glass addition belgium on Dwell.com
For this tiny house in the forest of Brecht, Belgium, a little extra square footage comes in the form of a glassed-in addition with a stellar view.
a piece of metal that has been placed on top of some wood flooring planks
Membrana de polietileno de alta densidad para cubiertas de zinc
Constructive detail of a hidden gutter. Consists of three components: the VMZinc zinc tray; the high density polyethylene membrane Delta VMZinc and the fixing anchors.
metal - floor system technical guide for the east joist, volume 2 / 3
Easi-Joist Technical Guide
Easi-Joist Technical Guide Turner Timber Frames Engineered Metal Web Easi-Joist Guide.
a wooden structure is being built in the middle of some grass and trees on a sunny day
Scissor trusses over the courtyard
Scissor trusses over the courtyard
a wooden table sitting under a skylight in a living room next to a couch
houseboat. great use of space
a large house sitting on top of a lush green field
Landelijk Modern Huis | Villabouw | HOOG. design
Luxe villabouw door Bouwbedrijf van Dinther
a triangular shaped house sits on top of a grassy hill with trees and mountains in the background
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Triangle Cliff House
an image of people working on a wooden structure with parts labeled in the diagram below
How to Build an A-Frame House | Mother Earth News
Build An A-Frame
two men working on a wooden structure in the woods
Our A-Frame Cabin
multiple images of different houses in the woods with trees and buildings on each side, including one that appears to be an upside down house
Home - Urban Grange Living
This is the most perfect little cottage for my needs! Now to find a spot in the woods for Miss Maggie and I to have this hideaway.
people sitting around a campfire in front of a cabin at night with the lights on
I love A-frame cabins. One day we will build one like this.