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three different colored banners with words that say we are optimistic
west elm | Trollbäck+Company
various posters and flyers are displayed on the wall in front of a person holding a bag
Микроменеджмент на клубничной планете | Журналус № 349
Микроменеджмент на клубничной планете
four different color schemes for the brand's logo and branding design, including yellow, black
MakeReign—Visual Identity & Brand Guidelines
#arounda, #branding, #brandidentity, #visualguidelines, #banking. #fintechdesign, #financialproduct Brand Identity, Web Design, Identity Logo, Identity, Logo Branding Identity, Branding
Banky - Brand Identity
We would like to share our brand identity for the Banking product called Banky. Our main task was to create the logotype, choose the appropriate color combinations, typography and collect all of the information in the visual guidelines. We strived to make the product look modern, stylish and fresh.
the brochure is designed to look like green hills
Re-Branding Atome PLC Energy by The Future - World Brand Design Society
an image of a web page with green and blue colors on it, including text
MindGym digital design system – Work | Output
the brand commerca website is displayed on top of several different types of paper
six pages with different font and numbers on them
Growth Opportunity
Brand New: New Logo and Identity for Cannify Pharma GmbH by Alphamark
several different types of business cards and brochures with the same logo on them
Tera on Behance
an orange and black business card with the word aal on it's side
Branding Identity Logos Design | Brand Identity Template | Brand Identity Packaging Design
Branding Identity Logos Design | Brand Identity Template | Brand Identity Packaging Design
a green brochure with people on it
Pitch Deck
Pitch Deck by Kyle Anthony Miller for Pitch Works on Dribbble
the brand markel has been designed to be used as an advertisement for its products