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a close up view of a flower on a table with the petals still attached to it
Pippa Haynes Embroidery Artist (@lemonpepperstudio) • Instagram photos and videos
a white shirt with black dots on it sitting on a wooden floor next to a pair of scissors
刺子ジャケット | i r o i r o
an embroidered cloth hanging on the wall with flowers and birds in it, next to a string of twinklings
Skånskt yllebroderi
an embroidered piece of cloth with a woman in a red dress and flowers on it
an embroidered piece with animals and people on it's side, surrounded by trees
Stockholm Nordic Museum Reveals Meaning of Folk Art Symbols
an embroidered unicorn is standing in front of a tree with birds and flowers on it
Yllebroderi-arkiv - Broderibloggen
Yllebroderi-arkiv - BroderibloggenBroderibloggen
an embroidered cloth with various designs and colors on the side, including birds and flowers
Yllebroderi - Livsträd
Yllebroderi - Livsträd | The tree of Life! Love this embrode… | Flickr
an embroidered piece with two people and flowers on it
Dyna, sannolikt bruddyna, med fritt broderi på gulbrunt valkat ylletyg. I mitten ett brudpar inom en krans med bruden i röd klädnad och mannen i hög svart hatt samt broderad märkning A I D 1834 med rött ullgarn. Från Hörröd socken, Gärds härad, Skåne. Detalj. Nordiska museets föremål inv.nr 103823
Nordiska museet - Fotograf Brånvall, Birgit
an embroidered cloth with a man on a horse
Selvedge magazine - The Fabric of your Life
an embroidered square with flowers and birds on it's border, in black background
Broderiprov @ DigitaltMuseum.se