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a painting of a woman walking on the beach with a life preserver in her hand
How To Paint People - P.J. Cook Artist Studio
four different pictures of purple flowers with yellow background
Nathan Fowkes Art
four different colors of paint sitting on top of a white paper with black and red ink
How I created, "Sorrento Harbor" - John Pototschnik Fine Art
an oil painting of people sitting in a hammock with one person on the ground
an oil painting of a woman with black hair
Joseph Inguimberty (1896-1971) - Tonkin Girl, c. 1934
an oil painting of two people sitting on a bench together, one is wearing a hat and the other is holding a camera
a painting of a woman in a yellow dress sitting on the ground with her back to the camera
an oil painting of a man's face and hair in brown, orange and pink tones
Jove Wang: Oil Paintings Sculpted with Color -
a painting of a nude woman sitting on the ground in front of a yellow background
Kate Long Stevenson, creating some Amazing ART....
two people are playing in the water at the beach
Elizabeth Lennie Art - 16 For Sale at 1stDibs
an image of a woman with a hat on her head and sitting in a chair
Liz Gribin
a painting of a tennis player holding a racquet in his hand and sitting down
Anne Petty
a painting of a woman standing in front of a brick wall
Lady in the green cardigan
an oil painting of a man in uniform
James Bland