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the roof of a brick building with a black slate shingled on it's side
5 Roofing Alternatives You May Not Have Considered
modern solar panels
a wooden house with metal roofing and windows
Metal Roofs 101: How They're Made, and Why They're Worth Considering
the side of a wooden building with a window and sky reflected in it's glass
Timber Fin House by Neil Dusheiko | Dezeen
Timber Fin House in Walthamstow by Neil Dusheiko Architect
a metal roof that has been painted silver
ASC Skyline metal roof
the roof of a building with a small window on it's side and a skylight above
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a wooden structure with metal roofing and sidings on the side, attached to a white background
Intimate estate in Łomianki, PL | STOPROCENT Architekci | Media - Drawings | Archello