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a koala bear is sitting on a tree branch with its head between the branches
Koala Joey Peeks Out Of Mom's Pouch
This Koala joey just peeked out of his mom's pouch at Australia's Healesville Sanctuary! See loads of fluffy photos and VIDEO on ZooBorns.com
a baby horse standing next to an adult horse
Two endangered Przewalski's Horse foals were born just one day apart at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. These rare Horses were once extinct in the wild, but breeding and reintroduction programs are rebuilding the population. More on ZooBorns.com
a giraffe is looking at the camera while standing in front of a cage
Baby Giraffe At Virginia Zoo Gets Supportive Care
This week-old baby Giraffe is getting extra-special care from the staff at The Virginia Zoo. Find out more on ZooBorns.com
a rhinoceros standing in the dirt next to some food
Zoo Berlin's Baby Rhino Makes Her Debut
On October 12, 2018, the doors at Zoo Berlin's Rhino yard opened and out stepped a confident little 3-week-old baby Rhino. Learn more about this Critically Endangered species and how zoos are working to save them from extinction on ZooBorns.com
a baby monkey is held in its mother's arms
Chester Zoo Shares Photos of One-Day-Old Baby Gibbon
This one-day-old Silvery Gibbon at Chester Zoo is a precious addition to the population of this rare species. See photos and VIDEO on ZooBorns.com
a small red panda bear sitting on top of a tree branch
Meet Lily the Red Panda Cub
Say hello to Dr. Lily, the newly-named Red Panda cub at Milwaukee County Zoo. More photos and video are on ZooBorns.com
a baby bear is holding on to a wooden pole and looking up at the camera
Baby Sun Bear Born to Parents Rescued From Illegal Trade
Two Sun Bears were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Cambodia. Now living at Chester Zoo they are the parents of a new baby named Kyra. Read her story and see video on ZooBorns.com
a cheetah in the tall grass behind a fence
First Video of Rare Amur Leopard Cubs
Video from a remote section of Highland Wildlife Park reveals two Amur Leopard cubs being reared away from human contact - a strategy that makes the cubs good candidates for release into the wild. Fewer than 70 Amur Leopards live in the Russian Far East. More at ZooBorns.com
a baby raccoon peeks out from behind a yellow ball
Red Panda Cubs Start to Explore
Twin Red Panda cubs at Woodland Park Zoo have reached another milestone: Stepping out of their den and exploring! See fluffy photos and video on ZooBorns.com
a small dog sitting on top of a scale
Twin Red Pandas Born at Virginia Zoo
Here comes the fluff: Meet the Virginia Zoo's twin Red Panda cubs! See more photos on ZooBorns.com
a small animal laying on top of a white floor
Rare Baby Aye-aye Born at Denver Zoo
Tonks is a rare baby Aye-aye born at Denver Zoo to parents Bellatrix and Smeagol. Aye-ayes' unique adaptations make them well-suited for life in Madagascar's forests. Learn more on ZooBorns.com
a baby rhino standing next to an adult elephant
Rhino Calf is Cleveland's Seventh
This Eastern Black Rhino calf is the 7th to be born at @clemetzoo and the second born this year. Fewer than 750 remain in the wild. More pics on ZooBorns.com
two monkeys cuddle together in their zoo enclosure
Baby Talapoin Born to Rescued Parents
A baby Northern Talapoin was born at @Bioparc to parents who were rescued from wildlife traffickers. Talapoins are among the smallest of Africa's primates, and babies are born weighing 1/4 of their adult weight. More on ZooBorns.com
an adult elephant standing next to a baby elephant
Calf Born on World Elephant Day Meets His Herd
Animal care staff at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are celebrating the birth of a baby Elephant, born just before midnight on World Elephant Day, August 12. See video of the calf meeting his herd at ZooBorns.com
a small white bird standing on top of a floor
Chester Zoo Is Tickled Pink By 21 Flamingo Chicks
Chester Zoo is tickled pink by the arrival of 21 Flamingo chicks! See photos and video on ZooBorns.com