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a minion saying life is to short to be serious all the time if you can't laugh at yourself call me, i'm'll laugh at you
RogeraMTM | That Mother Marketer (@RogeraMTM) on X
a minion with glasses on his head and the caption, our phones fall, we panic our friends fall, we laugh laugh
OuR PHones FaLL We Panic OuR FRIenDs FaLL We LauGH Quotes About Minions Top 370 Funny Quotes With Pictures Sayings 26 | Fall Meme on ME.ME
a minion with glasses and a caption that says, my brain is like the bermuda triangle information goes in and then it's never found again again again again
a minion holding an apple with the caption teacher why are you talking during my lesson? student why are you teaching during my conversation?
Wat if we tell this yo our teacher..?
a sign that says it takes skill to trip over flat surfaces with an image of a minion
It Takes Skill To Trip Over Flat Surfaces
It Takes Skill To Trip Over Flat Surfaces
two minion characters with the caption did you just fall? no i attacked the floor
24 Even Funnier Minion Memes | The Funny Beaver #minionmemes
24 Even Funnier Minion Memes Now listen. No, that’s surely the use, right? You should always listen to your parents, you know. That will shock him! Let them go free. First, do they? Second, why does my mind need to know!? Wish I could get away with a text of just “I’m alive, thanks.” That’s …
the text on the screen says, when guys silent when girls silent they're mad they're mad they have nothing to talk about
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# Differences Between Men And Women 14 -